HomeMATCH Aims & Objectives

HomeMATCH aims to transform vacant housing in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality back into decent affordable housing that serves the local community.

HomeMatch will:

  • identify suitable vacant properties,
  • link the identified properties with agencies serving people at risk of homelessness,
  • establish a "receptacle" to advertise and accept donations of properties and of funds,
  • facilitate a Memorandum of Understanding between agencies and governments to sustain and expand the work of HomeMatch,
  • help agencies develop business and sustainability plans for specific properties,
  • help secure the long term financial viability of projects assisting people at risk of homelessness,
  • ensure that all building codes are adhered to in all renovations,
  • track the outcomes for households benefitting from new accommodation,
  • track start-to-finish conversion times for properties.