Services Provided by HomeMatch in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality

HomeMATCH offers help, free of charge, to agencies serving people at risk of homelessness during every stage of the process between identifying suitable housing and tenants moving in.

In particular, HomeMATCH can:

  • identify suitable vacant housing in collaboration with its partners,
  • liaise with existing owners with a view to transferring ownership of suitable vacant properties,
  • maintain a database to match vacant properties with the needs for properties as specified by agencies assisting people at risk of homelessness,
  • help agencies & organizations assisting people at risk of homelessness to secure government funding to purchase and operate vacant properties,
  • help agencies & organizations to calculate the full costs of acquiring and renovating properties,
  • help agencies & organizations by drafting renovation and business plans for specific properties,
  • advise agencies & organizations of the ongoing costs and the potential income generated from properties once renovations are completed,
  • advise people at risk of homelessness of agencies that may be able to offer practical help or affordable accommodation in renovated vacant buildings.